Jobs of The Future:Tackling the skills shortage on Data Science and Cybersecurity

  Today’s world is facing new business problems which need a new generation of professionals who can face these challenges on the private and publicsectors. Both companies and governments need qualified professionals that can help them to discover actionable insights and to secure their data.

Data Scientists, Security Analysts, Chief Information Officers, or Chief Data Officers are just some examples of the type of roles that are needed nowadays and will continue growing with the digital transformation that we are experiencing.

Learn more about the skills shortage on data science and cybersecurity and why experts like Forbes says that “Data Scientist was one of the 10 toughest job positions to fill in 2016”  or Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec says that ”The demand for cybersecurity workforce is expected to rise to 6 million globally by 2019”.

Come and learn more about the jobs of the future and how IE is delivering the needed skills to tackle these new business challenges which are part of the4th Industrial Revolution in which we live.



演讲者:Marcos Ramírez( Associate Director at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology)