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The Royal Institute of Technology (Swedish: Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, abbreviated KTH) is a university in Stockholm, Sweden. KTH was founded in 1827 as Sweden’s first polytechnic and is one of Scandinavia’s largest (the largest by certain definitions) institutions of higher education in technology. KTH accounts for one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level. KTH offers programmes leading to a Master of Architecture, Master of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, licentiate or doctoral degree. The university also offers a technical preparatory programme for non-scientists and further education.

Website of university: http://www.kth.se/


View detail: http://www.kth.se/en/studies/exchange/exchange-studies-at-kth-1.6519


Only applications from students nominated by a partner university will be considered. The number of students as specified in the Exchange Agreement between KTH and the partner university is not to be exceeded. Students nominated by their home university for exchange studies at KTH must submit an online application form for exchange students found at http://www.kth.se/en/studies/exchange/application-for-exchange-students-1.7972
The application includes a request for assistance in finding accommodation and application for Swedish language courses at KTH. Documents to be up-loaded into the application system are the following:
• verified transcript of records, i.e. list of courses completed at the home university
• copy of valid pass port/national ID/identity card with citizenship indicated
• pass port photo• approved and signed Learning agreement/Study plan
• nomination formOnce all is submitted, the student will receive a confirmation, including information on how to complete the registration in the system. The home university contact person will be asked to nominate the student for exchange studies at KTH. Double degree (DD) students follow the same application procedure as exchange students. Please note that only students whose home university has a DD agreement with KTH can apply for DD studies. The online application and required documents must have been uploaded into the system by the following deadlines: April 15th for studies/project work starting in August/September or later in the autumn. October 15th for studies/project work starting in January or later in the spring.
Please note: Applications sent after the deadlines above will NOT be considered



Complete insurance coverage
It is very important that all international students have complete insurance coverage for their entire stay in Sweden. Consequently, we strongly advise students to buy a travel/study abroad insurance in their home country before arriving in Sweden. Important areas that the insurance should cover: personal injury, medical and dental care, accidents, personal belongings (luggage etc), liability coverage, legal expense coverage, home transportation (in case of injury or illness). In case it is not possible to buy a suitable insurance in the country of origin, please contact the international/programme coordinator at KTH for more information.
EU/EEA citizens and the European insurance card 
Students from EU/EEA member countries should bring the European Insurance card. The card states that the card-holder is entitled to health care on the same conditions and to the same cost as Swedish citizens. The “EU-card” does not mean that supplementary insurance is not necessary. Students will still need it for e.g. dental care, home transportation, personal belongings and liability coverage.
Non EU/EEA citizens 
It is very important that students from non EU/EEA countries have a valid and complete insurance coverage since it is a prerequisite for securing a residence permit for studies.


KTH has an Accommodation Office located in the Info Center at Drottning Kristinas väg 47 (Campus Valhallavägen). KTH Accommodation rents rooms for exchange students in student housing buildings (dormitories). Rooms are also rented in apartment houses. The rooms are located in central Stockholm as well as in the suburbs of the city. KTH offers this service to some international students as the housing market is extremely difficult in Stockholm. The location of the room will depend on the number of rooms available at the moment. There is no possibility to choose your room or address, nor to change an allocated room! Exchange students will be able to mark an interest for help in finding accommodation in the same on line application form as for exchange studies at KTH. Then the KTH Accommodation will contact the student directly about the demand; confirmation is sent to the student before arrival in Sweden. Please note that the housing contract is signed upon arrival at KTH. For information and opening hours please visit their website at:

If you wish to contact them please use: accommodation@kth.se


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