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INSA Lyon is the leading engineering school in France.

It annually welcomes a diversity of profiles among the best Baccalauréat graduates throughout France. Each academic year, we receive applications from more than 14,000 high-school students, nearly a thousand of whom are admitted.

In all, 37% of new students are female, 33% grant holders, and 33% foreign students. More than 100 nationalities are represented among our students, who spend five years on our campus studying various engineering courses. This is a major advantage of our school where recruiters are concerned. We are proud of the fact that our graduates always find work so quickly, confirming the relevance of the education we offer to the requirements of business and industry, with which we work hand-in-hand on a daily basis.

What sets our school apart is this ability to develop strong ties. It starts with the rich student life on campus, thanks to the action of more than 130 clubs and societies.

It is also reflected in the sense of belonging on the part of an entire community, including students, administrative staff and researchers, all of whom actively contribute to the success and development of the school.

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Academic period :

1st semester: September 14 2015 – January 29 2016
2nd semester: February 1 – June 24 2016


Regular Courses:
IST Semester (in English):

French Intensive Language Course:
Summer school: August 20 – September 11 2015
Winter school : January 4-29 2016
For the exchange students coming to study at INSA Lyon for two semesters the course is free of charge. For those who are enrolled for one semester, there is a charge (675€ in 2014).
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Exchange Students:
April 23, 2015 for the 1st semester or the academic year
October 10 2015 for the 2nd semester

3rd and 4th year Double Degrees:
May 22 2015

FITEC programs:
March 30 2015


Level B1 (according to the CECR) is strongly recommended:
Students must fulfill specific English and/or French language requirements according to the chosen study scheme.


3rd year Double Degree:
4th year Double Degree:
Useful information:
Online application only:



Students from non-EU countries:must be registered to the French Student Social Security (October1 2015 to September 30 2016). Compulsory additional cost of 213 € in 2014-2015.
All students coming in August must have their own health insurance that covers the period from August to September 30 2015.


INSA Lyon provides accommodation on-campus for all exchange students: 300€ to 550 €


INSA Lyon’s restaurants are opened 7 days a week (except Saturday evening and Sunday morning)


Stay ≤ 6 months – Residence permit is not required & Financial help for accommodation (“CAF”) cannotbe provided


Name: Mrs Magdalena CORNECI, Mrs Mara Ciora